Great Are You chords with lyrics by Downhere - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Downhere – Great Are You chords

G C GHow I love your works, My God, My King (x2)
C GYour name rings on the plain,
C GLike a not so distant train
Em DAnd love and history are near,
GIn the flowers that you make,
C DThe flowers that you make
G D Em CBecause I’ll never, hold a picture of
G D Em C The whole horizon, in my view
G D Em CBecause I’ll never, rip the night in two,
G D EmIt makes me wonder, who am I,
D Em D Em GWho am I, who am I and great are you
C D GGreat are you Lord (x2)
{Verse 2}
G C GHow I love your word, my God, my King (x2)
C GYour love cuts through these pages to my heart,
C GAs you grieve our sins right from the start,
Em D GAnd sacrifice and paradise were in the plans that you made
C D The plans that you made
{Repeat Chorus}
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