Larger Than Life chords with lyrics by Downhere - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Downhere – Larger Than Life chords

Artist: Downhere
Album: Downhere
Song: Larger Than Life (Copyright 1999, Slyngshot Records)


intro: D (then after a while of strumming...) Bm   (repetitively)

DWalk this life beneath the stars
DContemplate just who we are
Bm DAgainst the backdrop of knowing God.
DSeasons pass, they come and go
DBut one thing keeps its worth in gold
Bm DA timeless bond, sharing dreams we hold.
D A D GIt's larger than life, it's larger than we
D A D Git's bigger than you, it's bigger than me
DIt's larger than life.
DThere's something here that tells me so
DI was not made to walk alone
Bm DIt sharpens me to know we stand as one
Chorus: D Bm D bridge:
C DWill our lives reflect the Maker
of the sky were living under
C DIt changes all to know you're really there
C DWhen the space between us falls apart
C AYou're the bridge that gaps our hearts.
D A D GYou're larger than life, you're larger than we
D A D GWho's bigger than you, you're bigger than me
DYou're larger than life.
Outro: D Tab: Interspersed in the song is pretty much the same sequence of plucking:
(*)=once and a while, maybe after one regular set of the riff, they add the the stuff in the brackets...
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