Dr Dog - It tab

It: Dr. Dog
Capo 3

Chorus:e|-----------|--------------------------------------------|B|--------0--|------0-------0-----------0-------0-------0-|G|----2------|--2-------2-----------2-------1-------1-----|D|------2----|----------------(x2)--------1---1-------1---|A|--4--------|----4---4---4-----------4-------------------|E|-----------|--------------------------------------------|Instrumental Verse 1 to Verse 2
Verse 2: Notes in parenthesis sometimes substitutede|------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-|G|----4-------4-------4-------4-------2-------2-------1-------1-----|D|--2---2---2---2---1---1---1---1--------------(2)--1---4---1---4---|A|----------------------------------4---4---4---4-------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus 2:e|-----------|--------------------------------------------|B|--------0--|------0-------0-----------0-------0-------0-|G|----2------|--2-------2-----------2-------1-------1-----|D|------2----|------------2---(x2)----1---1---4-------1---|A|--4--------|----4---4-----------------------------------|E|-----------|--------------------------------------------|Instrumental Verse 1 to Verse 3
Verse 3: The 1st half is played like Verse 1, while the 2nd half is played like Verse 2. Chorus 3: as Chorus 2 Verse 4: as Verse 2
Chorus 4:e|-----------|--------------------------------------------|B|--------0--|------0-------0-----------0-------0-------0-|G|----2------|--2-------2-----------2-------1-------1-----|D|------2----|--------2---2---(x2)----1---1---4-------1---|A|--4---4----|----4---4---4-------------------------------|E|-----------|--------------------------------------------|Repeat Verse 2 to end
Lyrics: Its dark Its Light Its today and Its tonight Its big And Its small Its the one and Its the all Its a mountain Its in the breeze Its the lock and Its the keys And Its me And Its you And Its the things that we didnít do Its all in how you look at It Its a life And Its a death Its the water Its the Riverbed And Its love And Its fear Its all the things that didnít get you here And Its a curse And Its praise And Its a future full of yesterdays Its the silence in a song Its the sound of your voice when you sing along Its all in how you look at It Its the fire Its the ice Its a personal Hell Its a paradise And Its Joy And Its pain It made the desert It made the rain Its the hunt And Its the prey Its cominí closer as It goes away And Its real And Its a lie Its the answer and the question when you wonder why Its all in how you look at It Its no good Its alright Its the kiss and Its the fight Its in the image Its the eye Its stickiní with you as It passes by And Its the bottom And Its the sky Its alarming Its a lullaby And Its cruel And Its kind Its really nothing Its in your mind Its all in how you look at It Its all in how you look at It Its all in how you look at It Its all in how you look at It Its all in how you look at It
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