Dr Dog - Home On The Range chords

                             HOME ON THE RANGE - Scott McMicken
Tabbed by: Luke Craig

BbHe's crossing out lines
FHe has nothing to say
EbShooting Russian Roulette
FJust to learn how to play
BbThrowing rocks at a car
F'Till it throws on it's breaks
EbHe's going to far
FBecause that's what it takes
BbLearning cause and effect
FLetter by letter
EbMaking everything worse
FSo it can only get better
BbIs this strange, I don't know
FIs it wrong, I'm not sure
EbI'm no good as a window
FBut I'll gladly be a door
BbAnd if you're ever in-between
FStop and say hello
EbIt's lonely in-between
FTo know and not to know
BbAnd on the day that I die
FAs the dearly departed
EbWill I look back and say that
FMy life never started
BbWill I float down the stream
FUntil time is worn out
EbAs all my remains become
Fscattered about
BbBecome a song so big and round
FBecome a dream became a sound
EbBecome a name cut into stone
FBecome a chill in the bone
BbBecome the One, Become the All
FBecome the big, become the small
EbBecome complete, become destroyed
FBecome nothing, be the void
Bb, F, Eb, FLadadaa, Ladadaa, Ladadaa, Ladadaa
Bb, F, Eb, FLadadaaadadadaaa, Ladadaa, Ladadaa
EbIs this the age
FWhere everything learned
EbIs proving tried
FAnd waiting to burn
EbIs this the age
FThat sits like a path
EbThat's made to be new
FAnd then proven to last
EbThis time that is ours
FThat feels like distraction
EbIs this our death
FOr just a contraction
EbWell time is relentless
FDemanding of change
EbIf nothing is new
FThen we must rearrange
EbWell something so simple
FCan start looking strange
EbAnd it's the city we
BbOur home on the range
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