Oh No chords with lyrics by Dr Dog - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dr Dog – Oh No chords


Amaj7   Dm9

(repeat x4)


A Amaj7If the dead make a sound
F#m7 B7I can put my ear on the ground
Amaj7And sing along now
Dm9 Amaj7 Dm9Sing along now
A Amaj7We were peas in a pod
F#m7 B7Gotta thank almighty god
Amaj7That we're together
Dm9 Amaj7We're together
AdimOh No
Riff 1e|-----------------------|B|-----------------1-----|G|---------0-0-2-2---2---|D|-0-0-2-2---------------|A|-----------------------|E|-----------------------|
Amaj7 Dm9 Amaj7
AdimOh No
Riff 2e|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|---------0-0-2-2-------|D|-0-0-2-2---------------|A|-----------------3--0--|E|-----------------------|
A Amaj7From a glance in the air
F#m7 B7You can see whats way up there
Amaj7In the stars now
Dm9 Amaj7 Dm9In the stars now
A Amaj7Theres no reason or rhyme
F#m7 B7That can keep up with the time
Amaj7So run along now
Dm9 Amaj7Run along now
AdimOh No
Riff 1 Amaj7 Dm9 Amaj7
AdimOh No
Riff 2 Amaj7 Dm9 Amaj7
AdimOh No
Riff 1 [Bridge]
AViolin Solo
D6 Heartbreak, it looks like a snake
Amaj7In the Grass, Oh No
AdimLalalalala Oh No
D6 Sweet dreams falling asleep
Amaj7At the wheel again
AdimLalalalala Oh No
EOh No
F# Alright
G G# G G#Come on
[Outro] E A E E A E
Riff 3e|-------4-3-2--------2-1-0--------|B|---------------------------------|G|-2-3-4--------4-3-2---------2----|D|---------------------------------|A|---------------------------------|E|-------------------------------0-|
E Riff 3 Sing Riff 3 over E and A chords out.
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