Dr Dog - The Breeze chords version 1

Chords used:
A - x02220
Amaj7 - x02120
A7 - x02020
C#7 - x46464
D - x57775
D(b5) - x56775
E - 022100
E7 - 020130

A Amaj7Are you moving much too fast?
A7 C#7And the good times that just don't last
D D(B5)If you're always on the go
E E7Make an angel in the snow
AAnd freeze
A Amaj7Do you feel like you're stuck in time?
A7 C#7Forever waiting on that line
D D(B5)If nothing ever moves
E E7Put that needle to the groove
AAnd sing
A Amaj7Is it a dream keeping you awake?
A7 C#7Is it the stillness that makes you shake?
D D(B5)If you need to know for sure
E E7What's on the ocean's floor
AYou'll sink
A Amaj7Do you like things the way they seem?
A7 C#7Or are you looking behind the scenes?
D D(B5)Well, if you've gotta know
E E7What it takes to make it so
AJust believe
A Amaj7Are there dark parts to your mind?
A7 C#7Hidden secrets left behind?
D D(B5)Where no one ever goes
E E7But everybody knows
AIt's all right
A Amaj7Do you get dizzy on the ground?
A7 C#7It must be something going 'round
D D(B5)What blows us here today
E E7Will blow us all
AThe Breeze
A Amaj7Ahh, will blow us all away
AThe breeze
A Amaj7Ahh, will blow us all away
AThe breeze
Ends with
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