Dr Feelgood – Roxette tab

Example for G:E---3----------3--|--------3--------3--|B---3----------3--|--------3--------3--|G---4----------4--|--------4--------4--|D---5-----3-5--5--|---3-5--5----3-5-5--|A-------5---------|-5---------5--------|E-3---------------|--------------------|
That´s the main thing that you just move up and down. G I saw you out the other night I saw somebody hold you tight C G Roxette, I wonder who it could be D It was so dark I couldn't see C But I know it wasn't me D When I tell you it ain't right G I know you've got to agree I followed you into a show The band was playing rock'n'roll Roxette, I didn't need to seek you out The music played so loud That I could hear you through the crowd You was telling everyone About a new guy you'd found Roxette I gotta go away And leave you for a couple of days Roxette, I don't want no more of your tricks I'm gonna get some concrete mix And fill your back door up with bricks And you better be there waiting When I get my business fixed
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