Drake Bell - Centerpiece chords

Intro: G-Em-A7-D
G EmYou cannot think about our
A7 DSelfish past or it will never cease
G EmI don't want' to be your burden
A7Life's what you make it
DGrow or plant your seeds
G EmNever dreamt so much about freedom
A7Or knew the meaning
DThink i'll stay asleep
G EmAnd watch the brighter side of things and
A7 DKeep on believing that your my centerpiece
G Em A7Life gets much better when i fade away
DFade away
Outro: G I think that no have problem with this ok? some problem contact me: angeldrake55@hotmail.com Creo que no hay problema con esto verdad? algun problema contactenme: angeldrake55@hotmail.com
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