Dream Syndicate – Boston tab

Em			   G
Come back to Boston as soon as you can
D				Em
The whole thing ain't gone down according to the plan
Em			   G
Morning when I wake up I don't like what I see
D				Em
And late at night my dreams are terrifying me

Em				          G
Well, I was walking by the river in the early morning dew
D			Em
Singing out lines from "Cypress Avenue"
Em				   G
I wonder what he felt like when it all came down
D				Em
Come back to Boston before I hit the ground

C	D		C	D
	And the winners 	stand confused
	G	     D	     Em
	They don't want to be misused
C	D		C	D
	And the losers 		that came before
	        Em      C	       D		 Em
	Say "I don't want to be here anymore"

I was standing on the back porch, looking at the books
Poets, politicians, beauty queens and crooks
I wonder where he stood when the information came
Come back to Boston before I jump the train (ch)

Come back to Boston or I'll meet you halfway
Somewhere by the middle of the interstate
We can take it on down to some cold deserted lake
And come back to Boston before we make the same mistake

Do you remember when we used to sing: Sha la la la la la la la la la
						 la de da.... (just like that)...
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