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From: "Vebjoern Braathen" 
Subject: d/dream_syndicate/whatever_you_please.crd
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 01:40:52 CEST

Whatever you please
Written by Steve Wynn
Performed by Dream Syndicate
Album: Ghoststories, 1988

An excellent rockcynics ballad. Hauntingly beautiful, hauntingly cynical?

Check out the man behind the band: Steve Wynn

VERSE 1: D Bm A G Would you like to see something I wrote ten years ago D Bm would you like to go and meet a friend A G that I used to know A oh let me take a walk where I used to live G Em there's not much else that I wanna give D Bm A G that's all right, we can do whatever you please VERSE 2: Would you like to trade convictions Over a cheap bottle of wine You could tell me yours, and I'll come up with mine There's nothing you can do that I wouldn't allow You could try to hurt me But you wouldn't know how That's all right we can do whatever you please VERSE 3: Well I used to care, that was a long time ago It used to bother me, it does not bother me anymore Oh, you're so strong and you believe You can hold me close until you wanna leave I don't mind we can do whatever you please I don't mind we can do whatever you please oh that's allright we can do whatever you please ---------------------------------------------- Tabbed by Vebj?rn Br?then (vebjorn@stones.com) Check me up: http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/Delta/6188/index.html easy-to-remember-adress:http://come.to/vebjorn Please mail me if an inaccuracy occurs in my tabbing.
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