Driftless Pony Club – When We Live In Circles And Eat On Merry-go-rounds chords

Standard tuning.

Chords: F A#/Bb CE-----1--------1------0--------|B-----1--------3------1--------|G-----2--------3------0--------|D-----3--------3------2--------|A-----3--------1------3--------|E-----1--------x------0--------|
F A#/Bb Our beds are empty two thirds of the time
F CIn an office building I'll be recognized
F A#/BbPlease put the whiskey in before the coke
F C'Cause there are some things you don't want to know
A#/Bb It's time we gave this some thought
F CTo bad I'll die before I'm gone
A#/Bb When we live in circles and eat
F C A#/BbOn merry-go-rounds, on merry-go-rounds, on merry-go-rounds
When we live in circles and eat
F C FOn merry-go-rounds
["DFTBA." - katinatreesee] www.youtube.com/katinatreesee
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