Drivin N Cryin – Innocent tab

This is my first tab evr submitted to any source.
Not sure if it's gonna work or not but here goes.
The lead in this one is way beyond my fingering abilities.
Maybe someone can add it to the file.

Artist: Drivin N Cryin
Album: Fly me Courages

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B AA BA DD B AA BB Spoken over chords:E-----0-00-00-00--0-00-00---0-2-3-3-0------------------------------------------... With the people of these United rights inA-----2-00-20-00--2-00-22--------0---------------------------------------------... order to form a more perfect reunion findD-----4-22-42-22--4-22-44------------------------------------------------------... that when we find common ground haveG-----4-22-42-22--4-22-44------------ absolutely nothing in common at all.--...B-----4-22-42-33--4-22-44------------------------------------------------------...E-----2-00-20-22--2-00-22------------------------------------------------------... Get used to it, the innocent
B AA BA DD B AA BB x2 (then just hit the top 3 strings of the B chord over the verse) B DABB DABB B 1. I want you to want me, I want you to know 2. Rich polititians, distribute the wealth. 3. If you don't want me, hanging around. What it is that I got here, What I'm looking for. But they're afraid I'll run away, and never better myself. Why don't you turn around and tell me so, instead of wasting my time. B DBEE DBEE B Down on the outside. He knows you're out there. Down on the inside, They're building statues of steel. Built on the horizon, it's so hard to tell. B DABB DABB BB Something for nothing; Do you care to share my prayer? Save me.-->Ch Protect me from my enemies, and they sit with their children weeping. Help me up and touch the sky; or keep me down on the ground with promises. B AA BA DD B AA BA DD B AA BA DD Get used to it. The Innocent. Get used to it. The Innocent. B AA BA DD B AA BA DD B AA BA DD The Innocent. Get used to it. The Innocent. Get used to it. B A A B A D D Far above what you believe I kept on hoping I'd find your relief. But far away you kept me down you fenced me in around all your song. Around the bend you kept me up *(not sure of the words here not in liner)* Alight my way down to the sea I kept on hoping that you'd see me Drivin' N Cryin' The innocent
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