Drivin N Cryin – For You tab

For You - Drivin N Cryin
Tabbed by: Rich
Email: downeytabs@gmail.com
Tuning: standard
Chords: G5 (3x0033), D (xx0232), C/D (x32030)

    Intro - play 4 times

1st Verse
e|------------------------------------------------------0---|B|--------------3----------3---------------------3-------3--|G|-------------0---0------0-------0---------0--------0-0----| (repeat 4x)D|-----------------------0----------------------------0-----|A|------------3----------------------------3----------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
There's - a - blue light flashing from a - cross the street My red guitar lay at my feet Was it you I saw walking by Or was it just my imagination running wild? Chorus G5 D C/D D I'm so tired of wai - ting fo - or you G5 D C/D D I've got a crush on you G5 D C/D D I'm so tired of waiting for you... C/D D ... to come around again 2nd verse Have you ever been lied to, have you ever been kept? On her return, I wept as she slept I held her hand 'til the morning sun When I woke up at noon again she had run Chorus Intro 2x 3rd verse On a long winter's wait, I stared at the door Wrote her a letter and turned it to song I left it unfinished as we left it undone But when she walked through the door, I sang her this song Chorus Hold D, then... Chorus (repeat G5 - D - C/D - D 7x) Intro 2x Outro: same chords as the intro, but strummed faster.
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