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Drivin N Cryin – Fly Me Courageous tab

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Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 15:41:22 -0700 (MST)
From: Izzy Crow 
Subject: Fly Me Couragous Revision

By drivin' n' cryin'
Tabbed By Nicholas Reseburg 
Fill 5 Tabbed by Jason Tappen  

Riff 1 D5 A5e---------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------G--------------------------------------------7------D----------2--4--------2-2--4-4--------2--4--7-----7A-------4-----------4---------------4--------5-----7E----2-----------2---------------2-----------------5
Riff 2 D5 A5e------------------------------------------------B------------------------------------------------G-----------------------------------------7------D-----------2--------2--------2--4--2-----7-----7A-------4---------4--------4-----------4--5-----7E----2---------2--------2-----------------------5
Fill 1F#5e--------B--------G--------D---4-4-4A---4-4-4E---2-2-2
Fill 2F#5e---------------------------B---------------------------G---------------------------D--4---4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4A--4---4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4E--2---2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 P.M.----------------]
Fill 3 B5 F#5 B5 F#5e---------------------B---------------------G--4-----------4------D--4-----4-----4-----4A--2-----4-----2-----4E--------2-----------2
Fill 4F#5e------B------G------D--4--4A--4--4E--2--2
Chorus: D5 A5 So Fly Mee---------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------G--------------------------------------------7------D----------2--4--------2-2--4-4--------2--4--7-----7A-------4-----------4---------------4--------5-----7E----2-----------2---------------2-----------------5
D5 A5 Cour ageouse---------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------G--------------------------------------------7------D----------2--4--------2-2--4-4--------2--4--7-----7A-------4-----------4---------------4--------5-----7E----2-----------2---------------2-----------------5
Fill 5 (Tabbed by Jason Tappen ) chorus and etc....E---------------------|-----------------|----------------------------B---------------------|-----------------|--------x-------------------G---------------------|-----------------|--------x--2---4------------D----------2--(2)-----|--2h4p2----------|---4-4--x--2---4------------A--2h4----------------|---------------4-|---4-4--x--0---2------------E---------------------|-----------------|---2-2----------------------
Fly Me Courageous Intro Riff 1 x4 Verse 1 I Got You On The Loose I Left You Groovin' I Got You on The Beat I Left You Broken (Guitar comes In) (F#5) But Won't You (A5) Take My (B5)Place (F#5) Since Long Ago I (A5) Wan- (B5) dered (F#5) Way Out (A5) Apon A (B5) Cliff (F#5) At The Brillance of an (A5) An- (B5)gel Chorus 2x Verse 2 (F#5) Mother (A5) Ameri- (B5) ca (F#5) Is Brandishing (A5) Her Weap- (B5) ons (F#5) She Keeps (A5) Safe And (B5) Warm (F#5) By Threats And Mis- (A5) concept- (B5) tions (Pattern swaps last two chords) (F#5) So If You (B5) Break The (A5) Chain (F#5) You'll Have To (B5) Shape (A5) Me (F#5) And If You (B5) Break My (A5) Heart (F#5)You'll Have To (B5) Take (A5) Me (A5) Ooh Ooh Ooh Lady, Won't Ya Take It Easy Bridge To Solo (Fill 1) Push (Fill 1) Me (Fill 1) Out (Fill 1) Of (Fill 2) Ooh Ooh Ooh Won't Ya Take It Easy Lady (Fill 1) Push (Fill 1) Me (Fill 1) Out (Fill 1) Of (Fill 2) Ooh Ooh Ooh Won't Ya Take It Easy Off On Me (Fill 3) (Fill 1) Push (Fill 1) Me (Fill 1) Out (Fill 1) Of Chorus 1x Solo Rythm played under solo: (Same Pattern As Verse 2) (F#5) (A5) (B5) (F#5) (A5) (B5) (F#5) (A5) (B5) (F#5) (A5) (B5) (F#5) (B5) (A5) (F#5) (B5) (A5) (F#5) (B5) (A5) (F#5) (B5) (A5) Verse 3 I Heard Your Whispers >From The Bottom Of The (A5) Canyon It's Not So Hard To Hide The Rattle (Fill 5) -Snake's Confusion (F#5) Wrap Me High (A5) In The (B5) Sky (F#5) Circle Me With (A5) Stal- (B5) lions (F#5) She Flew From (A5) Peak To (B5) Peak (F#5) On The Freedom Of An (A5) Ea- (B5) gle Chorus 3x Outro: Riff 2 x4 Fill 4 x1 If Anyone has comments, or revisions, or finds out that guitar blurt in verse 3 or has any way to better this, please drop me a line at :
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