Sixteen Straws chords with lyrics by Drones - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Drones – Sixteen Straws chords




the B7 is slightly weird, it sounds like it doesnt have an F# in it so you could play

DmOne Sunday morning
DmWhile I was out walking
F By the Brisbane's waters
AmI chanced to stray
DmThere I found a prisoner
Layed half in the water
FHe'd seen me coming
AmAnd he began to say
DmI was a native of Erin's Ireland
FAnd before I was brought
AmTo this terrible place
DmThey dragged me away
DmFrom my wife and newborn
F AmAnd my ailing parents
GI've been a prisoner at Port Macquarie
DmNorfolk Island and Emu Plains
GAt Castle Hill and cursed Toongabbie
B7At all of these settlements
B7I've worked in chains
GBut of all the places of condemnation
DmAt each penal station of New South Wales
GTo Moreton Bay I've found no equal
B7The tyranny there makes all the rest pale
repeat until forever
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