Cupid Found His Mark tab with lyrics by Dropout Year - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dropout Year – Cupid Found His Mark tab

Asus2: 002200
A: 002220
D: 000232
C: 032010

Intro:  Asus2, D , A ,
D                             Asus2         C     
I don’t know how to but these feelings into words
D                    Asus2         C
To sum it up I wanna be what you deserve
D              Asus2         C
Are you jaded? You’re appreciated
D                    Asus2     C   D       Asus2    C
I can relate, it’s a new sensation from my heart to yours
           D         Asus2   C     D
I’ve never sang like this before

Cupid found his mark
         D                                 A   
Shot his arrow through our hearts, Said he planned it from the start
   D     A
My Valentine
Asus2                           D 
I’ll kiss every scar thats been planted on your heart
And love you for who you are
   D     A
My Valentine

Asus2                          D
Forget to breathe when you’re around
Heart skips a beat and falls right out
Asus2                        D
I just can’t speak or make a sound
Because you’re to beautiful right now (x2)
Inside and out

Asus2       D                         A           C
I'm not the flowers and candy kind of guy, I wont lie
Asus2           D                              D  C
I'll write this song with our names across the sky (2x)
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