Drori-hansen Furniture - Wheres Your Mind chords

Where's Your Mind
Drori Hansen Furniture

Cmaj7 Am Where's your mind, when you wake up in the morning?
Cmaj7 Am Where's your mind, when you go to school?
G Dm I am a fool... 'cause I didn't know the rules...
Cmaj7 Am Where's your mind, when you comb your hair so fine?
Cmaj7 Am Where's your heart, that we must live apart?
G DmAre you there? Where? I didn't want to be your fool...
F AmBut now I'm awake,
F AmAnd I don't want to fake it,
F Am G So we can continue to love
Eband to please... one another.
Cmaj7 Am Where's the light, that shines upon our magical love?
Cmaj7 Am Where's the key, to make you want to see...
Gthe real me?
Rpt CHORUS x1 (Instrumental) |C |Dm |G |C | |Am |F |Am F |Am F | VERSE 3
Cmaj7 Am Where's your mind, when you think about me girl?
Cmaj7 Am Where's that love, I gave you long ago?
Cmaj7 Am Wheres that smile, that dance its way to me?
G Dm Where can it be? It's nowhere around me...
Rpt Chorus 2 x (End on C chord) by azbin 2010 Not sure about the chords in the instrumental or the word "dance" in the last verse. Comments welcome.
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