Dry The River – History Book tab

Hello there, this is my first tab. I liked this song but there was no tab so I decided 
to figure it out, and then share my joy :)
It's not comprehensive but gives a pretty good idea of how to play the song, hope you 
enjoy :)

Standard Tuning
Capo 3

Rest of the song: Em As heavy as a history book can be, G C G G/F#?? (low e |-3--2---0--| ) I will carry it with me, oh Lord. Em And maybe when the bitterness has gone, G C G G/F# There'll be sweetness on our tongues once more. F C G We'll soon forget our parents' names, F C G Like dogs will drive the wolves away. F C And weep with fingertips opposed, G F G F Like a church where nobody congregates. Am C G F But sweetness sings in the pasture, Am C G F We throw ourselves on the mercy of the earth. Am C G F If sand and salt have the answer, Am C G F Am Then the act itself will be louder than the word. Etc. Am C G F goes on to the end of the song. Jack
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