Dubliners – Peggy Gordon chords

A traditional irish song, made famous by the Dubliners.
As with any traditional song there is an unlimtited amount of verses, with a million 
versions of each of these verses. I have included the most common ones, the ones that I 
were used by the Dubliners.
Repeat the chords for the first verse all the way through.

Oh [D] Peggy Gordon you [G] are my [D] dar[A]ling,
[G]Come sit you [D] down upon my [A] knee,
[G]Come tell to [D] me the[G] very [D] reas[A]on,
[G]Why I am[D] slighted [A],so by [D] thee,

I'm so in love I can't deny it
My heart lies smothered in my breast
It's not for you to let the world know it
A troubled mind can know no rest

I did put my head to a cask of brandy
It was my fancy I do declare
For when I'm drinking I am thinking
And wishing Peggy Gordon was here

I wish I was away in Ingo
Far across the briny sea
Sailing o'er the deepest ocean
Where love nor care never bother me

I wish I was in some lonesome valley
Where womankind can not be found
Where the pretty small birds do change their voices
And every moment a different sound

Oh, Peggy Gordon you are my darling
Come sit you down upon my knee
Come tell to me the very reason
Why I am slighted so by thee

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