Dudley Moore – Jump chords

This is the second song on the Derek and Clive Live Album


I have removed the swear words

Jump (Dudley Moore)

D GAs I was walking down the street one day,
Em7 AI saw a house on fire,
DThere was a man standing at an upper storey window
G A Shouting and screaming to the crowd that was gathered there below,
G A DFor he was sore afraid,
D GJump, you mucker, Jump,
Em7 AJump into this Β‘ere blanket what we are holding,
D Em7 D/F# A DAnd you will be alright.",
D G AHe jumped, hit the deck, broke his bloody neck,
D Em7 D/F# A DThere was no blanket.
D GLaugh, we nearly shat,
Em7We have not laughed so much since grandma died,
G AOr Aunty Mable caught her left one in the mangle,
G A D Em7 D/F# A DWe are miserable sinners, Fiiiiiiiiilthy muckers.
G DAmen
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