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From: ahorgan@minerva.cis.yale.edu (Alec Horgan)

I don't know the Carmichael tunes, but here's Duke.
"Don't Get Around Much Anymore," by Bob Russell/Duke Ellington

                          C Dm7 D#dim7 C/E
Missed the Saturday Dance

                             A Bm7 Cdim7 A7/C#
Heard they crowded the floor

                 D7          G7                         C   C/E Ebdim7 Dm7 C
Couldn't bear it without you,  don't get around much anymore

Other verses the same...The bar which leads into the bridge is just two
beats each of Gm7 and then C7, then we come to:

F6          Bb9          Cmaj7         C7  C7#5  D7           F#m7b5  B7
Darling, I guess, my mind's more at ease,  but   nevertheless

Em7   Ebdim7   D7    G7
   why stir up memories?

After the last verse, end on that lovely C7#9 chord.  Hope this is what
you need.  If anybody needs full lyrics, help with the chords, or
whatever, let me know.  As always, corrections and improvments welcome and
encouraged--it keeps me on my toes.


"Perhaps the only true dignity of man is his capacity to despise himself."
         ---George Santayana, _The Ethics of Spinoza_
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