Duncan Browne – Journey chords

DGDGBD - tuning
13th fret 002010 (Am7 Shape)
12th fret 001010 (A7 Shape)
10th fret 001010 (A7 Shape)
8th  fret 002010 (Am7 Shape)
7th  fret 001010 (A7 Shape)
5th  fret 001010 (Dsus2) (A7 Shape)
3rd  fret 002010 (D) (Am7 Shape)
1st fret 002010 (C) (Am7 Shape)open 000000 (G) (slide bass string 3rd to 5th)
G C D Dsus2 D C Cut all the corners, step on the old routine
G C D Dsus2 D C Oh what a joke these twenty-four years have been
E(Barre 9) Esus2 Honey, in my mind I can see your star
E A Asus2 AI know who you are I've been learning
E(Barre 9) Esus2All right, so now we know which way the wind's gonna blow
E(Barre 9) A Asus ALet's get up and go, no returning
(Solo) Repeat intro
G C D Dsus2 D CPack up your sorrow, put away your evening star
G C D Dsus2 D C But don't change your clothes, I like you just the way you are
E(Barre 9) Esus2 I know you've been sleeping under a big black cloud
E A Asus A And you never been allowed to be honest
E(Barre 9) Esus2 Well I'm no saint but I'll carry you home
E(Barre 9) A Asus AThere's a place of your own if you want it
(Repeat intro under) Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh
G C D Dsus2 D CSoon we'll be sailors, sailing on the salty sea
G C D Dsus2 D C Where the waves of the world would be the one and only company
E(Barre 9) Esus2 Come up and see the world it's like a ship going down
E A Asus A It's running a-ground, it's all over
E(Barre 9) Esus2 But those flying fishes are gonna jump up and smile
E A Asus A Every league, every mile, to terra nova
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