Duncan Sheik – November tab

INTRO: Dm , . . , . . , . . , . . , . . , . . , . . , . .E||----------1-----------1-----|-------1-----0-----1------||A||-T----0-------0---0-------0-|---0-------0---0-------0--||G||-A------0---0-------0---0---|-----0---0-------0---0---*||D||-B--0-----------0-----------|-0-----------------------*||A||----------------------------|--------------------------||E||----------------------------|--------------------------|| * use a similar picking pattern throughout
VERSE 1: Dm The past we seek Dm/A Some certainty Dm/Bb The seasons we Dm/Eb Remember Cm6 The light of May A7/C# And darkest days Dsus4 The month we call D November VERSE 2: To leave behind The wasted time And every bad Decision And harder still What force of will To feel we are Forgiven BRIDGE: (these chords are wild guesses) G5 G5/F# But something stays F6sus2 Em#5 So who am I to say Cadd9 Bmb6 There's nothing more between us Cadd9 Bmb6 And I don't know the reasons Cadd9 Nothing's clear Bb6 Am7 I've come to no conclusions A7b5 Said and done Dm/A Dm/A A Is it all said and done? VERSE 3: So here we are Not very far From when we said Forever And all we have This restless past The month we call November
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