Duran Duran – Ordinary World tab ver. 2

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Here is the easily recognizable guitar melody.  It's done with an
acoustic through most of the song, but the last time it's electric.  
Use a single finger on the high E string and slide it down the string 
when changing frets.



The verses are: C#m (446654) E   (022100) B (224442)
 C#m                         E                  B C#m
"Passion or coincidence/once prompted you to say/"Pride will tear 
             E    B
us both apart..."

The bridge is:  C#m (446654) G#m (466444) B (224442) E (022100)
 C#m                      G#m               B              
"What is happening to me?/Crazy some say.../Where is my friend when
    E               E
I need you most?/Gone away..."

And the chorus: B   (224442) F#m (244222) A (002220) E (022100)
 B                          F#m                       A
"And I don't cry for yesterday,/there's an ordinary world,/somehow I
     E    B                           F#m                A

have to find...And as I try to make my way/to the ordinary world/I will 
learn to survive..."

Those chords also fit over that melody tabbed above.  I do not have a 
tabbing for the short acoustic break between verses 1 & 2.  (Any
volunteers out there?)


P.S.  The complete lyrics are available on ftp.uwp.edu
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