Too Much Information tab with lyrics by Duran Duran - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Duran Duran – Too Much Information tab


Intro: Bb  Eb  Ab  Bb  Eb  Ab  Bb

Chorus		Destroyed by MTV/ABC/BBC/MTV
							     Eb           Ab
		I hate to bite the hand that feeds me so much information
		The pressure’s on the screen

		To sell you things that you don’t need
		     Eb            Ab         Bb
		It’s too much information for me

Bb           Ab
Hey TV child look into my eyes 
Here by intervention I want your attention
Bb            Ab 
Promotion boy in a suit and tie
He wants you to use it you’re too shot to loose it
     Eb				Ab
It’s pumping down the cable like never so before
A Cola manufacturer is sponsoring the war
     Eb                  Db              C
Here comes the news with love from me to you

Repeat Chorus

Bb		    Ab
Turn on the tube hits you with a groove
Advertising muzik we want you to choose it
Bb                    Ab
These teeth are white trainers ultra-brite
This band is perfect just don’t scratch the surface
   Eb				    Ab
We covered all the angles the survey people said
Just put us on the cover we’d be smiling anyway
     Eb        Db			 C      
This video was made with love for you

Repeat Chorus twice

Guitar Solo: Bb  Eb  Db  C  F  C  F  C  Ab  G  F

Bb                                Bb               Eb          Ab
Dilate your mind Dilate your mind Dilate your mind Dilate your mind
	Bb						 Eb
*	Got to give it to me got to listen to me got to give in to me
	Ab			  Bb
	Now I’m on the line I try (Too much information)

Repeat * till fade
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