Dustin Kensrue – This Is War chords

This song is played with a capo on the second but because there's a version of this song 
the website that has the right chords without the capo I'm doing a version for you all 
play without one.

Bm : x24432
D  : xx0232
A  : x02220

Intro: Bm, F#m, D, A (x2)

Verse 1:
Bm F#mThis is war
D ALike you ain't seen
Bm F#mThis winter's long,
D AIt's cold and mean
Bm F#mWith hangdog hearts
D AWe stood condemned,
Bm F#mBut the tide turns now
D AAt Bethlehem
Interlude: Bm, F#m, D, A (x2) Verse 2:
Bm F#mThis is war
D AAnd born tonight,
Bm F#mThe Word as flesh,
D AThe Lord of Light,
Bm F#mThe Son of God,
D AThe low-born king;
Bm F#mWho demons fear,
D AOf whom angels sing
Interlude: Bm, F#m, D, A (x2) Verse 3:
Bm F#mThis is war
D AOn sin and death;
Bm F#mThe dark will take
D AIt's final breath
Bm F#mIt shakes the earth,
D AConfounds all plans;
Bm F#mThe mystery
D AOf God as man
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