Dustin Kensrue – Flags Of Dawn Acoustic chords

Dustin Kensrue (of Thrice)
"Flags of Dawn"
tabbed by: cmdpdx

Standard tuning

This tab is based on a live video of Dustin Kensrue playing this song: http://youtu.be/1rjGhdQRDM0
It's pretty simple, watch the video for the right timing. Enjoy!

Intro: Em  C

Em C Em CThis darkness would eclipse our will
Em C Em Ca cold wind blows across these hills
Em C Em Ca swinging gaze from a hangman's tree
Em C Em Ca crow's nest view of what's left to see
D Cthe light that's formed of saints return the silence to the snow
D Cstill beneath the craters waiting for this time to grow
Cm Amso hold on hold tight
Em Bm Cm Am Emopen daylight we will over--come
Em(cont) C Em C Em Cso put away your fear the morning star will soon appear
Em C Em Cand bring an end to this dark night
Em C Em Cand we must run if we're to meet the light
Bm C watered by the blood of martyrs blessed and blind as sons and daughters
D Em Csleep with one eye open and live with both eyes shut
Bm Cso let's find the place where sight begins and see the things that we saw when our
D Em Ceyes were bright and wet against the light
D Em Clet our eyes be bright and wet against the light
Cm Am and hold on hold tight
Em Bm Cm Am Em (pull off/hammer on the D string)open daylight we will over--come
Cm Am Em G#mopen your eyes over the new sight
Cm Am Emfly the flags of dawn
Outro: Em C
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