Dustin Kensrue – Psalm 145 chords

Psalm 145
By Dustin Kensrue
Album: The Water & the Blood

Verse 1:
F I will bless You all of my days, Lord
CI will praise You always my God and King
FI will bless and honor Your name Lord
Calways and forever my soul will sing
Verse 2:
FSuch a vast unsearchable greatness
CGreat is Yahweh, worthy of all our praise
F Let your people sound through the ages
C B/GAll your awesome works till the end of days
Chorus 1:
AmWe have seen your splendor and glory
G Fmaj7we have seen your wonders and stand amazed
Am Every tongue will echo your story
G Fmaj7everyone will sing of your righteous ways
Dm7 F COh let all that lives ever bless His name
Verse 3:
F All that you have made Lord will praise you
F6 C All your saints will worship in joyful strains
F praise the Lord who ransoms and rescues
F6 C B/Gpraise the God of glory who ever reigns
Chorus 2:
Am He is holy judging the wicked
G Fmaj7Guarding those that love him and fear his name
AmAll that call out Yahweh is with them
G Fmaj7He will hear their cries. He is strong to save
Dm7 He upholds the one who is stumbling
C/E Fmaj7lifting up those burdened with heavy loads
Dm7opening his hands to the hungry
C/E Fmaj7blessing all that look to their Lord in hope
Dm7He is tender toward his creation
C/E Fmaj7He is faithful and gracious in all he does
Dm7 Great is Yahweh full with compassion
C/E Fmaj7slow to anger filled with unfailing love
Dm7 F COh let all that live ever bless His name
Dm7 F COh let all that live ever bless His name
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