Dustin Lynch – Hurricane chords

Capo 5

Am  Am/B  C  C/D  F

Am Am/B C C/D FI knew when she flew in she wouldn't stay
Am Am/B C C/D FEvery now and then God makes one that-a-way
Am Am/B C C/D F DmThe red-haired, wild-child, with storms in her eyes. I knew I'd never be the same
Am F C GThat's the thing about a hurricane, she's all lightnin' and wind and rain
Am F C GGet's you close and you're swept away. better hold on till it breaks
Dm Dm/E F Caues it's a hell of a ride, if you can just survive the pain
Am Am/B C C/D FThat's the thing about a hurricane
She said she was a runnin' from her past Every breath she stole felt like my last And her kiss told me 'better get outta there', but I was too far to care Chorus Bridge:
Am Am/B Dm Now even in blue skies, there ain't no forgettin
Am Am/B DmIs it any wonder they name em after women
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