Dusty Springfield – Crumbs Off The Table chords

Crumbs Off The Table
Intro: A  G  A  G

A G A GGet up in the morning ‘bout a quarter to nine
A G A GGet home in the evenin' too tired to make time
C#m F#m C#m F#mGive me the lovin' I've been waiting for all day
D G You're always a little too tired to ever look my way
A G A GYou got me hungry for your love but you, you ain't able
A G A GAll you want to give me is the crumbs off the table
A G A GWhat you been doin'? Who you been wooin'?
A G A GTell me, tell me who you been doin'?
I ache inside with a lovin' desire But you're too tired, baby, to light my fire I work in this house all day and I get tired too There ain't a day goes by I ain't willing to make love to you Chorus Hey, sometimes in the middle of the day I get lovin' you on my mind But as soon as you get home You read the paper ain't got the time Chorus by: José Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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