Dale Evans – Aha San Antone chords

[Verse 1]
FI want some black eyed peas, I want some mustard greens,
CI want some corn pone on the side
DI want my chicken fried, with a golden hide
G7 C FAha San Antone
[Verse 2]
FNow that you say I’m silly, ‘cause you like my chili,
CAll over my scrambled eggs
DI want to go to Dallas, see my cousin Alice
G7 C FAha San Antone
A# FI want to see a blue bonnet
G7 C7With some Texas sunshine on it
[Verse 3]
FNow there’s a place that’s dandy by the Rio Grande,
Cjust across from Mexico
DI want an enchilada and a big tostada
G7 C FAha San Antone
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