Nobodys Fool chords with lyrics by Dan Penn - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dan Penn – Nobodys Fool chords

[Verse 1]
D Bm A#Nobody's fool this heart has never been broken
A EI kept my eyes wide open
GEvery time she said she loved me
[Verse 2]
D Gm A#Nobody's clown, no I never joined that circus
D EI played it cool
G DI'm nobody's fool
[Verse 3]
D GNobody's toy, I wasn't made to play with
EJust love 'em and leave 'em
GThat's my game and I got to remain
[Verse 4]
DNobody's love
G A#Nobody's bread and butter
A EYeah, I played it cool
G DAnd I'm nobody's fool
AWhen I wake up in the morning
My day belongs to me When I come home in the evening My nights belong to me I feel so free, so doggone free I feel so free, so doggone free [Verse 5]
DNobody's fool
GNobody's one and only
D EI guess that's why I'm so lonely
GI'm nobody's fool
Nobody's fool [Verse 6]
DTa ta ta ta
D A#I made this bed that I sleep in
A EIt's the one that I weep in
G AOh Lord, I get so lonely
D CTa ta ta ta
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