Daniel Caesar – Superposition chords


[Verse 1]
E5Isn't it an irony?
The things that inspire me
A6They make me bleed
So profusely
E5I got everything I need
Time and space to think and breathe
A6What does it mean
When cash grows on trees? [Chorus]
C#m EExist in superposition
ALife's all about contradiction
C#mYin and yang
E AFluidity and things
C#mI'm me, I'm God
EI'm everything
AI'm my own reason why I sing
Am6 Emaj7And so are you, are you understanding?
Am6 Emaj7Whoa ooh
[Verse 2]
Emaj7I know you think this shit is easy
For you, but not so much for me
A6But I'll still ride, that's just the risk I'll take
Emaj7I know you see me actin' sleazy
I'm working on it, take it easy
A6I'll figure it all out before I break
Emaj7If I should die before I wake
Oh, please, do not resuscitate
A6I know I didn't live my life in vain
Emaj7This music shit's a piece of cake
A6The rest of my life's in a state of chaos
But I know I'll be okay [Chorus]
Emaj7Exist in superposition
Life's all about contradiction
A6Yin and yang
Fluidity, and things
Emaj7I'm me, I'm God
I'm everything
Emaj7I'm my own reason why I sing
A6And so are you, are you understanding?
[Outro] Eadd9 A6 Eadd9 A6 E A N.C.
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