daniel ingram – The End Of The Rainbow chords

C C7 Csus G

[Verse 1]
C Dm Next door neighbors chatting over white-wood fences
Am7 F G Stoppin' on the street to say hello
C Dm When friends did well, we sang their praises
Am7 F G Brought soup to comfort them when they felt low
F2 G That was a town at the end of the rainbow
[Interlude] C C7 Csus G [Verse 2]
C Dm No pots of gold or buried treasure
Am7 F G Just everypony looking after each other
C Dm The truest riches cannot be measured
Am7 F G It was a lesson that had kept us together
F2 G In our town at the end of the rainbow
[Interlude] C C7 Csus G [Verse 3]
Em F To honor our fine town, my Grandpa Skies decided
C Dm To throw a party each and every year
Am G Em They planned for weeks, cooked for days, celebrated fifty ways
F G So everypony would gather here
F2 G In our town at the end of the rainbow
[Verse 4]
Am A# Grandpa made a gizmo called the Rainbow Generator
F/E G To paint the sky with lots of colors shiny, bold and bright
Am A# To remind us all together we are greater
F/E G And darkness never wins against the coming of the light
[Verse 5]
Em F2 Grandpa passed it onto Dad, then it was my turn
C Dm To make the pretty rainbows in the sky
Am G Em It filled my heart with pride to see our whole town gathered gratefully
F G Where we were sure there would never be
F2 G An end to the rainbow
[Interlude] C C7 Csus G [Verse 6]
Am G/B Then fences went up, we lost track of our neighbors
Dm E Each year passing, dimming spirits all around
Am G/B The happy days came to an end
Dm E Nopony had time to spend together in the town
[Verse 7]
Am E C D I thought I knew exactly what the festival needed
Am E C D A bigger, better rainbow would surely make them see it
Am E C D But the extra magic was too much for the Rainbow Generator
F/E F E Am And I'm the one who brought the rainbow to an end
F G That's how our town, our little pony town
F G That's how our town saw the end of the rain-
[Outro]C C7 Csus Gbo-o-o-o-w.
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