danny schmidt – The Dark-Eyed Prince chords

C G Am FOnce upon a time in a kingdom ill-defined
C G Am FA dark-eyed prince sat sideways on his throne
C G Am FAnd he cast aside the thoughts of his princess long and lost
C G CAnd decided he’d live principally alone
G C F CSo he built himself a castle made of stumbling blocks and bricks
G C F GAnd he filled the mote with crocodile tears and other tricks
Am F C GBut he forgot to build the doorway, he forgot to build the gate
C F G CSo he had to build a catapult just to knock the wall away
C G Am FAnd he’d venture out at night, bejeweled and erudite
C G Am FAnd he’d ride from town to town and farm to farm
C G Am FAnd he’d laugh at all the sheep and at the company they keep
C G C G CAnd he’d burn down all the churches and the barns
G C F CUntil he’d find a proper damsel, then he’d play the proper prince
G C F GAnd he’d lead her home with apples and a promise on a stick
Am F C G'Til she’d fall upon the pillow, then he’d fall upon the dawn
C F G CAnd he’d close his eyes to hers and then just dream that she was gone
C G Am FSo he swore upon the crown that he’d melt desire down
C G Am FAnd he boarded up his windows and his eyes
C G Am FBut he still could hear the sound of the rain upon the ground
C G C G CAnd he still could feel his face against the sky
G C F CAnd how the birds and how the bees, they each took turns upon their knees
G C F GAnd how the “Take me if you dare to” turned to “Thank you if you please”
Am F C GAnd how the nectar in the flowers and how the flowers on the vine
C F G CThey’d turn his blood from fever into honey-juice and wine
C G Am FAnd he knew that it was true, in the crumbs that nature threw
C G Am FAnd that ever-after always ends the tale
C G Am FAnd that somewhere in disguise there was a girl with lantern eyes
C G C G CWho could fill the darkest shadows with detail
G C F CSo he’d build another tower just to tear another down
G C F GAnd he’d lay a trail of candles from his castle into town
Am F C GBut if you go there please be careful, and if you leave there please be quick
C F G C G CCause he’ll rob your eyes of color and your bones to make more bricks.
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