Lament Of Orpheus chords with lyrics by Darren Korb - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Darren Korb – Lament Of Orpheus chords

Cm  Dm Cm

[Verse 1]
Cm EbHear, o gods, my desperate plea
Cm DmTo see my love beside me
Cm Dm Cm [Verse 2]
Cm EbSunk below the mortal sea
Cm DmHer anchor weighs upon me
Cm EbFasten her tether unto me
Gm AdimThat she may rise to sail free
[Refrain 1]
Dm AdimDon't look back
Cm Dm Cm [Verse 3]
Cm EbClose enough that light we can see
Cm DmMy doubt betrays the better of me
Cm EbA glance to the stern is all it would be
Cm DmThat anguished shade shall haunt me
[Refrain 2]
Dm AdimEver on
Gm Dm Winds a-lee
Gm FBut now the squall's upon us
Gm DmWe're foundering
F GmDrowning
Gm F Gm [Outro]
Adim GmDon't look back
F GmDon't look back
Adim GmDon't look back
F GmDon't look back
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