Dave Barnes – Having Kids chords

|G Em |A7 D |G

[Verse 1]
GThey're gonna take your money
C GThey're gonna break your heart
Bm EmGonna wake up quarter past one
A7 D D7wondering where they are
G G7 C CmThey'll leave you second guessing exactly what you did
G Em A7 D GOoooh, having kids
[Verse 2]
GSometimes they're little angels
C GThen they're Genghis khan
Bm EmThey think that they know everything
A7 D D7Then they can't get their pants back on
G C CmThat family in the picture ain't exactly what it is
G Em A7 D GOoooh, having kids
CYou might as well kiss goodbye
CmThe feeling you might
G D Em DmNever worry about a thing
G C'Cause it's good but it's hard
CmWhen a piece of your heart
Am7 DBreaks off and grows some wings
[Interlude] |G |G |C |G |G B |Em |A7 |D |G |G |C |Cm | |G E |A7 D |G |G | [Verse 3]
GOne more kiss, please, daddy
C GBefore you say goodnight
Bm EmThe way she keeps on smiling when
A7 DYou walk her down the aisle
G G7You'll take every heartache
C Cm'Cause it don't get better than this
G Em A7 D GOoooh, having kids
G Em A7 D G Am D GOoh, having kids
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