David Olney – Wait Here For The Cops chords

[Verse 1]

AmWhen you live it day after day
Bb C AmIt don't scare you not like it used to
AmWhen you see it the blood on your hands
Bb C AmIt don't move you, not like it ought to
[Chorus 1]
G D AmI know what I've done
G D AmBut I, I just can't run
G D EWhen the running starts it never stops
AmBut I'm gonna wait here for the cops
[Verse 2]
AmI was younger yeah I was wild wild
Bb C AmIt didn't matter not like it should have
AmAnd I was reckless night after night
Bb C AmI didn't care maybe i should have
[Chorus 2]
G D AmPassion and desire
G D AmI was burning with a fire
G D EThe fire raged then the fire stopped
AmBut I'm gonna wait here for the cops
[Verse 3]
AmWhen your good friend the one that you trust
Bb C AmBertrays you well thats expected
AmCause the money he thinks is his share
Bb C AmComes up short you're suspected
[Chorus 3]
G D AmIt's too hot to be this cold
G D AmI'm too young to be this old
G D AmAnd I want you all to understand
G D AmThis ain't a gun it's my life in my hands
G D EAnd I'm gonna stay here until I drop
AmBut im gonna wait here for the cops
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