David Sikabwe – Fly Me To The Moon Rap chords

AmThey say that every day, the universe expands
Dm7And we discover certain things that we don’t understand
G7Dark matter ain't the only mystery at hand
CI'm wond'rin' how I got a girl like you to say that im her man
FIt’s a statistical anomaly, but girl, you got me
DmGravity is pulling me to your heavenly body
E7No astronomical phenomenon could ever stop me
Am A7You’ve got a smile that every star in the galaxy copied
Dm7The constellations couldn’t make as beautiful a pattern
G7The conversations-every night, I ring you up like Saturn
CThe telescopes tell us folks that you're the coolest view
Am A7A supernova's scootin' over to make room for you
Dm7'cause you eclipse every wonder of the cosmos
G7It's almost unfair to them, but you're the one I want the most
CIt’s a miracle that Galileo never found you
E7If he did, he'd say the universe revolved around you
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