De La Mancha – Release All Night chords

C   G   Am   F x3

C GStart a phase to pray,
Am FNot tomorrow not today
C GYou save yourself, Nothing more,
Am FPut up fences and pull them down
C GDidn't loose your head when you went down
Am FEverything was nothing, But the world will still go round
C GSo listen to the words my best friend
Am FTake your time, take my time
C GHow good is my heart?
Am FNow how good is my heart
C GWill I ever, Will I ever
Am F n.c.Will I ever be so good?
[Instrumental] C G Am F x4 [Verse 2]
C GWe cast ourselves in fire
Am FWe built again, again
C GSo we know, So we know
Am FNow, we know,
C GBecause how sad is my love
Am FNow how real is our love
C GWill I ever, Will I ever
Am FBe so good?
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