Dead Moon – Never Again chords

[Intro] Ame|---------------|B|-1--1-------1--|G|-2-2-2-0-0-0---| x4D|-2--------2----| A|---------------|E|---------------|
[Verse 1]
Am CI tried to tell you that there's always
G Amtwo sides to the blade
Am C G AmI saw my future cave in from the roots of decay
Am C G AmThe dark cloud started dancing all over the sun
Am C G AmWhatever it took to make my blood run
D FI had a ways to go
D FSorrow that you'll never know
D FBut lately it's beginning to show
G Am AmAnd I tell myself never again
[Verse 2]
Am C G AmThe armies of doubt were playing war in my head
Am C G AmI couldn't recover from the things that they said
Am C G AmCrash landed in the safehouse under the stairs
Am C G AmLast place on earth where anyone cares
D FNever dreamed I'd fall to this
D FSomething that I couldn't resist
D FAnd now I just clench my fists
G Am AmAnd I tell myself never again
[Verse 3]
Am C G AmRun silent, run deep, run as fast as you can
Am C G AmLet the rest of the world slide through your hands
Am C G AmOld habits die hard like a fatal disease
Am C G AmThey cut you so deep, you can never come clean
D FI've got a past to pay
D FI got demons to face
D FI can't just run away
G AmAnd I tell myself never again
G AmNever again
G AmNever again
G AmOh Never again
[Outro] Am
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