Delta Rhythm Boys – Take The A Train chords

        Ab   Ab   Ab

Dbyou must take the A train
Ebm Ab Db Ebmto go to sugar hill way up in harlem
Ab Db Ai-i-i-if you miss the A train
Ebm Ab Dbyou'll find you missed the quickest way to harlem
Gb Ebmhurry get on now its coming
Eb9 Ab Ablisten to those rails a thrumming
Db A Aall aboard get on the a train
Ebm Ab Dbsoon you will be on sugar hill in harlem
DbYou take your baby to Harlem - you're bound to find a hole
Gbm Db Ab Db AbUp on Su--gar Hill - where everyone's having a solid ball
DbYou'll board that "A" Train,
Ebm Eb Eb7and then you ri-i-ide 'til you dig this number:
Ab7 Db145 Street where all the cats meet - posing on stroll.
Gb GbPops, they're really in there. Ba an do da n da n do day
Gb Ebm That's the riff that the bands all play
Eb9 It's groovy the hep-cats say;
Ab7then you'll know that you're in Harlem
Bbm7You got to get on that
Db"A" Train, and you will get a thrill yeah
Gb DbIf you're lookin' for a rhythm,
Dbyou'll find it on Sugar Hill.
Db B7Now that you know just how to get up there
B7Dig up a nickel and you got your fare
E F7If you want to go to happy Harlem
Gb GbmYou take the "A" Train that goes uptown
BAnd ride, ride, ride
E Em GbWait until you get on Sugar Hill
A B EYou'll jump for joy 'til you get your fill
AHave you got your nickel in your hand
Gb7 A Then hurry, don't you miss that train- oh man
E You must take the "A" Trai
B To go to Sugar Hill way up in Harle
A Gb B E Better hurry - get aboard that train
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