Depressica – Fondly chords


Bm A D lying sleepless at 5 am
Bm A Dknowing it'll be a while before I see you again
Bm A Dmay the sun wake you gently as it puts me to sleep
Bm A Dand while I'm anxiously waiting I hope you have sweet dreams
G A Dbut don't waste your time on us
G A Dsince I will be gone in a month
G A D Bmand I hope it's true that you'll think of me too
A D Embut my bones, under weight, will be crushed
Bm A Dwhen I wake up tomorrow I'll be in my bed
Bm A Di'll avoid conversation of what's lying ahead
Bm A Dmay my heart still be beating and my blood still be red
Bm A Dand may a hundred years pass before I am dead
G A Dbut I won't call you anytime soon
G A Das I'm busy here packing my room
G A D Bmand I know I'll be fine with the passing of time
A Bm Embut I'll always think fondly of you
[Outro] G A D G A D G A D Bm A Bm Em
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