Devin Townsend – Why chords

[Verse 1]
GDarling are you feeling alright? You look rather pale
C GAnd all our friends are, all our friends are watching us
Em DWhy run away?
GWhy, why, why?
[Verse 2]
GDarling are you seeing inside? The wolves are alive
C GAnd all our faith is, all our faith is wrong
Em DBut why run away?
GWhy, why, why?
[Verse 3]
C GAnd all we're feeling slowly comes unravelled
C GAnd all we're fearing comes to pull us under
D CSo why run away?
GWhy, why, why?
Dm Am CSo we feel so irrelevant, we're rolling televised
GmOur pride will bolt us to the ground
F Dm C AbAnd the Earth itself will swallow us whole
[Verse 4]
GDarling, are you feeling alright? Take a look at your fear
C GAnd all our fate is, all are faith in all!
Em DBut why run away?
Em DWhy? When we can just walk away
GWhy, why why?
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