Dijon – Tv Blues chords

Eb Abmaj7I collapse on you
Eb Abmaj7Coiled legs under TV blue
Ab GmWhat you thinking?
FmHow you dreaming when you're dreaming?
Ab Gm Fm Bbm BbYour eyelids flicker like a TV screen and...
Eb AbI collapse on you (I collapse on your lap)
Eb AbMy calloused hands under TV blue (Calloused hands on your hand)
Cm7 Gm7 Fm7I want to collect all of the scary things
Cm7 Gm7 Fm7Hiding out where you sleep (Wanna collect, wanna collect)
BbWhere you sleep (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Eb Ab'Til I collapse on you (I collapse on your lap)
Eb Ab Eb AbMy static eyes under TV blue (Static eyes under...)
Bbmaj Gb Eb
AbWhat could I do?
What could I do?
EbWild-prairies and steam
AbWedding ring, wedding ring
Wedding ring, wedding ring
EbSmoke ring
AbBut what could I do? What can I do?
EbI got bit in my dream
GmWedding ring, wedding ring
Fm F7Wedding ring, wedding ring
BbSmoke ring
EbSmoke ring
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