Direct Hit! – Different Universe chords


[Verse 1]
A D AWrong place, wrong time again
D F#Wrong way, on home to the dead
A ECorpses, in darkness float up to heaven
D F#Throw shadow above our heads
A DCrown of nothing to kiss
EThe cup of numb awaits their lips
[Interlude] A [Verse 2]
A D ASlipped in to a different universe
D F#Synced in, no need to be rehearsed
A ESoft skin from liquid coats consciousness
D F#Rotting minds in the afterlife
A D EPromise, you'll see me for who I am
AI'll let you too
[Interlude] F# A F# A F# A D E A [Chorus]
AWe want to sleep
DIt's time to wake up
AWe've thought to keep disguises, Enough
D EOf this charade, it all feels the same
F#We can tell that you feel dismayed
AWe can tell that your heart wants it
F#We can tell that your mind's made up
AWe can tell that your conscious kicked in
F#We can tell that you wanna be left alone
AWe can tell that you looked back down
DWe can tell that you're turning yourself around
EWe can tell that you're mining your way into
AAnother hell, would you
AJust watch and sleep?
DIt's time to wake up
DThe thought to keep
ADisguises disgusts
AUs all who fall
D EThrough darkness untouched
AYour heaven is just a crutch
A DI want to sleep, and then to wake up
DThis thought to keep
ADisguised is enough
AAnd this charade
D EIt all feels the same
AFuckin' right we feel dismayed
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