Dolly Parton – Cash On The Barrelhead chords

[Verse 1]
GI got in a little trouble, at the county seat
Lord, they put me in the jailhouse
D GFor loafing on the street
G Well, the judge said guilty
GHe made his point
GHe said fourty-five dollars
D GOr thirty days in the joint
[Verse 2]
C GThat'll be cash on the barrelhead, hun
DYou can take your choice
GYou're twenty-one
CNo money down
GNo credit plan
DNo time to chase you
GBecause I'm a busy man
[Instrumental] C G D G C G D G [Verse 3]
GI found a telephone number, on a laundry slip
I had a good, hardy jailor
D GWith a six gun hip
GHe let me call long distance
GShe said, "Number, please"
GAnd just as soon as I told her
D GShe shouted back at me
[Verse 4]
C GSaid that'll be cash, on the barrelhead, hun
DNot part, not half
GBut the entire sum
CNo money down
GNo credit line
DBecause a little boy tells me
GYou're the traveling kind
[Verse 5]
GThirty days in the jailhouse
GFour days on the road
D GI was feeling mighty hungry
GMy feet, a heavy load
GI saw a Greyhound coming
GStuck out my thumb
GAs soon as I was seated
D GThe driver caught my arm
[Verse 6]
C GSaid that'll be cash on the barrelhead, hun
D GThis old grey dog, gets paid to run
CWhen the engine starts
GAnd the wheels will roll
DGive me cash on the barrelhead
GI take ya down the road
DOhh, cash on the barrelhead
G C GI take you down the road
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