Dolly Parton – Red Shoes chords


[Verse 1]
G GmI remember as a child
G FI was absolutely wild
C G'Bout some red shoes that my aunt Lucy wore
She would let me stomp around
FIn those high heels up and down
C G'Round the house and 'round the wraparound porch
[Chorus 1]
EmAnd from that moment on
BmI've had a pair of my own
C GThey make me feel at home and brand new
EmThey build my confidence
BmAs if they've been heaven sent
C DI feel alone, I'm puttin' on my red shoes
[Verse 2]
C GI begged mama, "Pretty please
FFrom the wishbook order me
C GA pair of red shoes for my feet", so mama did
Through the years I've thought about
FAunt Lucy's love and think of how
C GSuch little things in life can make or break a kid
[Chorus 2]
EmI believe that every child
BmNeeds to feel a sense of pride
C GAnd someone to love and guide and see them through
EmSo many miles I've traveled
BmMany times they've come unraveled
C DOn the road both smooth or gravel
But I've made it through, ooh [Bridge]
GHell and half of Georgia
FOr walkin' through New Orleans
CWalk the streets of Memphis bowlin'
GStroll around a block or two
And if God sees fit to hold me
FAnyone that's ever known me
CKnow I'd walk the gold streets only
GIn a pair of red shoes
C GAnd if I ever get to heaven
FIf I ever get to heaven
CIf I ever get to heaven
GAnd Lord I hope I do
GI will walk the streets of glory
FI will walk the streets of glory
CI will tell my Lucy story
And walk with her in red shoes
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