Don Edwards – Bad Half Hour Annie Laurie chords

G B CWonder why I feel so restless
G D GMoon is shinin' still and bright
G B CCattle all are restin' easy
G D GBut I just can't sleep tonight
G D GAin't no cactus in my blankets
Em Am BDon't know why they feel so hard
C G Em'Less it's Warblin' Jim a-singin'
G D G"Annie Laurie" out on guard
G B C"Annie Laurie", I wish he'd quit it
G D GCouldn't sleep now if I tried
G B CMakes the night feel big and lonesome
G D GAnd my throat feels sore inside
G D GHow my Annie used to sing it
Em Am BAnd it sounded good and gay
C G EmNights I drove her home from dances
G D GWhen the east was turnin' gray
G B GYes, her brow t'was like the snowdrift
G D GAnd her eyes like quiet streams
G B CAnd her face, I still can see it
G D DMuch too frequent in my dreams
G D GAnd her hand was soft and trembling
Em Am BThat night underneath the tree
C G EmWhen I couldn't help but tell her
G D GShe was "all the world to me"
G B CBut her folks says I was shif'less
G D GWild, unsettled, they's right
G G CFor I leaned to punchin' cattle
G D GLord, I'm at it still tonight
G D GAnd she married young Doc Wilkins
Em Am BMy Lord, but that was hard
C G EmWish that fool would quit his singin'
G D G"Annie Laurie" out on guard
G B COh I just can't stand it thinkin'
G D GOf the things that happened then
G B CGood old times, they're all apast me
G D G G DNever seem to come again
G Em AmMy turn? Sure, I'll come a-runnin'
BJust warm me up some coffee, pard
C G EmAnd I'll stop that Jim from singin'
G D G"Annie Laurie" out on guard
D D GGive me her promise true
Em Am BAnd ne'r forget will I
C G EmAnd for bonnie Annie Laurie
D G DI'd lay me down and die
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