Don Moen – Our Father Who Art In Heaven chords

[Verse 1]
D G DHear our prayer, we are Your children and
G A BmWe’ve gathered here today
G A DWe’ve gathered here to pray
D G DHear our cry, Lord we need Your mercy
G A BmAnd we need Your grace today
G A DHear us as we pray
A Bm GOur Father who art in heaven
D A DHallowed be Thy name
A Bm GOur Father hear us from heaven
D A DForgive our sins we pray
[Verse 2]
D G DHear our song, as it rises to heaven
G A BmMay Your glory fill the air
G A DAs the waters cover the sea
D G DSee our heart, and remove anything
G A BmThat is standing in the way
G A DOf coming to You today
D AAnd though we are few
Bm GWe’re surrounded by many
D A DWho have crossed that river before
A Bm GAnd this the song we’ll be singing for ever
D A BmHoly is The Lord
G A DHoly is The Lord
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